Jungle Dating Male Hunting

For the meantime, let me put aside that “jungle” line of thought… And from that school age knowledge, let’s fast forward to the present day.

I was having a few chats over some drinks with women friends. I learned from them that they are experiencing some difficulties in reading men’s thoughts. It looks like even though we are in the modern trends, the gender differences still brings up the merest confusion. Men’s mysterious behaviour in the dating world is causing frustration and perplexity to many women. These ladies seek for a simple explanation about the way males basically behave in terms that are easy to understand. As a result, they think that man is acting like a Neanderthal.

As I contemplated on that comment about men being Neanderthals, I realized it isn’t far wrong. These extinct humans were hunters. Like them, the present men are hunters in the dating jungle. They were designed to hunt ladies. This means only that in the dating scene the man is searching for you, even when you may be the easiest prey. Women forget to see it this way or ignore this fact to their expense. To get your Mr. Right, he has to hunt you and make him feel rewarded when he finally wraps his arms around you and gives you a sweet kiss. If he doesn’t sense that kind achievement, your hunter will never stop searching.

Okay, so now you know why I was talking about that jungle scene at the beginning of this article. That little Savannah scenario best explains what women often misunderstand. How do they know what a man wants? As we have compared them to the hunters, all men want to hunt the lioness, the jungle’s queen, with all her feline beauty and thick soft mane. The male hunters feel like the masters of the jungle and as such, they want to believe they could catch their lioness. But like the Neanderthal times, these hunters gather together and talk about the skills of the choicest lioness, how she manages to run away and how the poor hunters fail to catch her.

So instead, our valiant hunter seeks out the next easier prey but more fulfilling and absolutely beautiful – the gazelle. You can see them during weekend nights with their other gazelle friends. They live on the next block or right across your street. The gazelle is a good looking creature and rather obtainable, but never without an effort. Therefore the hunt is still on.

Will the hunter succeed in hunting his gazelle? The more he chases or the longer he is made to do it, the more fulfilling it feels for him when he eventually succeeds. When that happens, when he feels his gazelle is a real catch, our hunter will give up the hunt and finally settle down. Our hunter feels good to be able to catch his gazelle on his own, with his bare hands. But did he really do it by himself, or did the gazelle display herself to be captured? Maybe…

Another character in our Savannah make-believe is the antelope. Who is she in the dating jungle? Initially, we mentioned that our hunter desires the lioness, but catching her is too much hard work. But he really believes in his heart that catching his gazelle is more realistic. But in the event that gazelles are sparse and limited, he goes for the antelope, the easiest target. On a Friday night, there are very few gazelles in the bar, but there is always an antelope grazing nearby. The hunter pounces on her without any effort and gets a result right away.

There is hardly any chase, no excitement at all, and zero sense of fulfilment. It feeds his hunger for the moment, but tomorrow he will begin his hunt again.
The hunter will continue trying his luck in seeking his gazelle albeit with a wishful look at the lioness’ direction. She is every hunter’s fantasy and obviously hard to reach and very scarce. And if he catches her, the lioness will probably eat the hunter alive! But will he be pleased if he finally gets his gazelle? Almost always, yes. The man will be very happy with his achievement. But not at all with an antelope; she is on the losing end because she is unable to offer our hunters what pleases them most – the chase, the thrill and the inherent satisfaction with the result.

However, the Savannah picture goes completely wrong when the scene is turned the opposite way. Imagine if the animals run after the hunter, instead of the other way around? So is it with the dating jungle. It is inconceivable for the hunter if the lioness or gazelle or antelope chase him. It is not the norm in the jungle; the hunter is not prepared to handle such situations. Therefore, he will be so terrified and will run as fast as he can. The point of the whole thing is letting the hunter do what he is designed to do – chase the prey. It does not matter if in secret it isn’t so. What is important is letting him feel a sense of success inside him, even when you actually brought him to you.

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